Don’t get sucked into an emotional roller-coaster when buying your dream home

Purchasing a home is not all fun, but you shouldn’t turn it into something miserable and upsetting. Make a list of what your home absolutely has to have or would be nice if it had; this would be referring to your wants and needs in buying a home. The first time home buyer should especially consider this step, as they are generally new and inexperienced. Do you need to have a certain amount of bedrooms or bathrooms? Is a front and back porch important? When viewing a home, keep notes for each one that you visit. What did or didn’t you like? What small things that you don’t like can be changed at an affordable price? Take pictures and attach them to their corresponding notes so that you can remember what the home looked like inside and out. Everything starts to blend together after awhile, so when buying a home it is important to have something to make each one stand out.

Many people have in their mind what their dream home would have, so if they see something resembling this within the home, they may decide then and there that they want it. The first time home buyer is a frequent victim of this pitfall. Purchasing a home based on a few things you really like is a very bad move. Not only can you overpay because your passion to own it is so great, you could wind up with a house you can’t afford to make payments for, leading to greater problems. It is always a good idea to view as many homes as possible; there will always be another home out there that you will like as much if not more, and it may even be cheaper.

It is very important to let your head, not your emotions, dictate what home you choose. Purchasing a home is an expensive decision that should be handled carefully, whether you’re a first time home buyer or have already lived in several. Remember to stay sharp, stay calm, and stay focused on what is truly important. You may not get that ideal view or large fireplace, but it could very well be in your next home. Have patience.

About the Author Jim Thornton