Equity Take-out

Purposes of an equity take out mortgage:

  • Purchasing a second home, cottage or vacation property.
  • Purchasing a rental/investment property.
  • Investing in stocks and bonds.
  • Education funding for yourself or a child.
  • RRSP Top-up
  • Starting a business.

If you have equity in your home and would like access to do these or other things...

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The term Equity Take out Mortgage is the process of "taking money out of your property" for a different purpose. Property values are constantly changing. After the credit crunch in 2008 the values of homes out West (Alberta/British Columbia) have really been hit hard. In some cases these valuation drops are so significant that there is a negative equity situation. Meaning, there is more money owed than the property is worth.

The rest of the country was a lot more fortunate with the valuations of homes. First off the home values didn't climb quite as high as the West, secondly the property values stagnated slightly but have since risen even more creating more available equity.

Available equity

To find out if you have enough equity available for what you want to do, calculate the following:

80% of Estimated Market Value - Mortgage Balance(s) = Total Equity

The maximum that you can access for an equity take out is 80% of the Estimated Market Value. The Canadian goverment implemented this guideline shortly after the credit crunch.

Refinancing your mortgage

If you already have a mortgage on the property you will need to do a refinance in order to get the equity take out mortgage. The process of refinancing is simple.  Basically, the broker will get you approved for the new mortgage and on closing the new lender will payout the old lender and you will get the left over money.

New equity take out mortgage

If your house is currently free and clear (meaning there are no mortgages on it) then you will need to create a new mortgage. All of the same guidelines must be followed, the only difference being that instead of the lender will not be paying off a previous mortgage. Instead, they will pay the money directly to you.

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