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All the banks want to do is sell to Clients. Ex-banker spills the beans!

I just recently read an article where an ex-banker tells exactly what it was like to work at the bank.  The clients needs come second to that of the banks and if the client can be sold a product, whether that product is in the best interest of the client or not — as the employee, you are to sell the product.Read more…

The ultimate advantages of working with a mortgage broker in Canada

Mortgage Brokers in Canada offer more products and options

Unlike a bank, a mortgage brokerage works with as many as 35 different lenders, giving you access to hundreds of mortgage products. This breadth of choices allows you to select the product that is most appropriate for your circumstances. Whether specific terms or rates are of greatest importance, or the structure of the loan product itself, a mortgage broker in Canada is able to help you decipher the options and select the most beneficial product. The market in Ontario is complex and cluttered with options; having an expert who can serve as both a teacher and advocate is a significant advantage.Read more…

The top 10 secrets that banks don’t want you to know

1.  It’s not all about the interest rate.  Most individuals go into the process looking for a good rate and they get tunnel vision as a result.  The banks prey on this and they set people up with restrictive mortgages as a result.  Those who work with a mortgage broker understand that having options is more important than the interest rate you receive.  Rate is important, but sometimes it is better to take a slightly higher rate if it means getting a better mortgage.Read more…

4 Costly Renovation Mistakes No One Can Afford To Make

1.  Not Making A Budget

Before you seek renovation financing, you should know exactly what you need to spend. Start by make a dream list of what you want changed, in order of most desired to least desired. Then, ask two contractors and two architects to review your plans for home renovations and provide you with cost estimates. Often they will do this for free to earn your trust. After you have all four estimates, carefully look them over. Find an acceptable compromise between what you want done and the quality required, within your budget.Read more…

Mississauga Mortgage Broker

Refinance Mortgage Mississauga | Consolidate Debt Mississauga

Mississauga Mortgage Broker

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Mortgage Broker Mississauga | Mississauga City Logo

Mississauga Mortgage Broker | My promise to you.

Mississauga was incorporated as a city in 1974, and as of January 2010 has a registered population of 729,000 people, making it Canada’s sixth largest city. Mississauga is part and parcel to the Greater Toronto Area, and is located within the boundaries of the Regional Municipality of Peel Ontario. It includes the neighborhoods of Malton, Meadowvale, Streetsville, Erin Mills, Clarkson, Woodlands, Cooksville, Britannia, Port Credit, Lakeview and Applewood.Read more…