All the banks want to do is sell to Clients. Ex-banker spills the beans!

I just recently read an article where an ex-banker tells exactly what it was like to work at the bank.  The clients needs come second to that of the banks and if the client can be sold a product, whether that product is in the best interest of the client or not — as the employee, you are to sell the product.

One of my supervising managers at a previous brokerage was an ex-bank manager.  His branch was one of the top performing branches in the COUNTRY.  His strategy was take care of the customer (with good rates, etc) and they will get more with the branch.  Well, he was actually disciplined because he was not charging a high enough rate on his mortgages sold.  Unbelievable if you ask me!

Check out the article here:  Ex-banker tells all.

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