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What is Moneytime.ca

Real Mortgage Associates Broker # 10464

What do we do.

At RMA, we specialize in assisting clients obtain mortgages. Whether you are looking for a new home and want to get pre-approved, or you are looking to refinance to help get rid of debt, Moneytime.ca is the answer.  Moneytime.ca is a website owned and operated by Jim Thornton.

How much do we charge?

One of the best things about contacting an agent with Real Mortgage Associates from Moneytime.ca -- we don't charge broker fees to qualified borrowers when the lender pays a placement fee. So, you get professional unbiased advice for FREE!

Our commitment to you.

As RMA mortgage agents, we aren't employees of any ONE bank, in fact we aren't employees for ANY banks at all. We work for you and represent your best interests while maintaining our fiduciary responsibilities to our lenders. RMA has access to over 40 different mortgage lenders including Canada's largest banks, trust companies and insurance companies. In addition, as an independent mortgage brokerage, we have access to many private lenders.

Most people don't realize that the choice isn't between "Mortgage Brokers" and "The Banks". Our mortgage professionals work very closely with some of the best banks in Canada. When utilizing the mortgage services at Real Mortgage Associates, you have access to some of the most creative minds for arranging mortgage financing.